The Carnegie UK Trust and Fields in Trust have this week launched a ‘FieldFinders’ campaign to find the UK’s ‘lost’ playing fields.

Between 1927 and 1935, the Carnegie UK Trust gave grants worth £200k (£10m in today’s money) to create almost 900 playing fields across the UK. These grants were given to local authorities and community groups, under the condition that the new playing fields would be protected in perpetuity.

The location of many of these playing fields was not recorded. The FieldFinders campaign aims to find the missing land and ensure that they remain protected for local communities to enjoy today and in the future.

Please click on the FieldFinders campaign webpage to find out more and share any information that might help locate a Carnegie playing field in your area. The campaign is awarding development prizes of £5k each for identified protected fields.

A Field Finders campaign infographic

A Field Finders campaign infographic

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