The City Urbanist for Glasgow Brian Evans has announced the creation of a new Place Commission for the city. The nine-person body is made up of individuals from a range of design and development backgrounds, including; Professor Carol Tannahill from Glasgow Centre for Population Health and Jude Barber from Collective Architecture. It will examine “new ways of living, working and travelling and how the built environment, through design can respond to these insights”.

The commission’s work will be centred around three main themes – the Everyday City, the Metropolitan City and the International City. With the everyday focussed on new ways to empower and invigorate communities, the metropolitan centred on how Glasgow relates to the wider region and the international relating to how Glasgow relates to the wider world. It is seeking representation, around these themes, from those involved in architecture, urbanism, design engineering, community engagement & representation, academia & research, and social enterprise.

Contributions from community groups and creative thinkers are particularly welcome, to highlight key matters that require attention or places where things have been done differently. Evidence sessions are set to begin next month – any individual or group wishing to contribute to the commission should contact, Joseph Harvey (, 0141 287 6272) or Jordan Howard (, 0141 287 1160).

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