With guest speakers Euan Leitch from SURF, Lena Hutton from DTAS, and Midlothian Council.

The 20 minute neighbourhood idea has gained significance around the world, from large cities to small towns. It’s a concept that people living in their communities could have access to all the goods, services and leisure they may need to live locally and thrive. It requires a good infrastructure of public transport, safe walking routes and cycling networks that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The Scottish Government has committed itself to working with local authorities and other partners to take forward ambitions for 20 minute neighbourhoods. With the push to make Midlothian net-zero carbon by 2030, now seems the imminent time to think about the future of planning and development in our area. This event is an opportunity for the public, third and private sectors and communities to come together and share ideas.

Join Midlothian Voluntary Action and guest speakers as we discuss the concept of the 20 minute neighbourhood and what it means for Midlothian. As part of the event we will spend time in breakout rooms to discuss the benefits, challenges and what the implementation of the 20 minute neighbourhood would look like.


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