In 2005, SURF brought together a panel of academic and regeneration experts to support the practice-based information and views from SURF network members with academic evidence. The panel included leading academics in Scottish regeneration fields, including representatives of:

  • Heriot Watt University’s Centre for Research into Socially Inclusive Services
  • Napier University’s Employment Research Institute
  • University of Dundee’s Geddes Institute
  • University of Glasgow’s Department of Urban Studies

SURF built on this experience to develop a ‘SURF APPP’ (Academic, Policy and Practice Panel) to support the 2013-15 Alliance for Action programme. This specially selected pool of SURF network representatives is intended to help guide and support SURF’s task in monitoring, identifying, debating and disseminating transferable knowledge and experience gathered via the operation of the programme.

The SURF APPP comprises the following individuals (a-z by organisation):

  • Jim Metcalfe, Head of Practice and Development, Carnegie UK Trust
  • David Cleghorn, Chair, Dedridge Environment Ecology Project
  • Prof Darinka Asenova, School of Risk Management, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Ade Kearns, Principal Investigator/Professor of Urban Studies, GoWell Research Programme/University of Glasgow
  • Tam McGarvey, Heritage Worker, GalGael Trust
  • Colin Mair, Chief Executive, Improvement Service
  • Dr Jim McCormick, Associate Director for Scotland , Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • George Dodds, Director of Health Equity, NHS Health Scotland
  • Dr Gerry McCartney, Head of the Public Health Observatory Division, NHS Health Scotland
  • Francis Stuart, Research and Policy Adviser, Oxfam Scotland
  • Robert Livingston, CEO, Regional Screen Scotland
  • Chris Holloway, Head, Resilient Scotland Ltd
  • Paul Spicker, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy, Robert Gordon University
  • David Allan, Deputy Director, Scottish Community Development Centre
  • John Cassidy, Director, Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing
  • David Stewart, Policy Manager, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • David Cowan, Head of Regeneration Unit, Scottish Government
  • Dr Andy Park, Senior Economist and Head of Housing and Regeneration Analysis, Scottish Government
  • Brian MacDonald, Rothesay  and Dunoon Alliance for Action Coordinator, SURF
  • Dr Elaine Cooper, Practice and Learning Coordinator – Govan and East Kirkcaldy Alliance for Action, SURF
  • Andy Milne, Chief Executive, SURF
  • Emma Scott, Information and Communications Officer, SURF
  • Pippa Coutts, Chair, SURF
  • Deborah Peel, Chair and Professor of Architecture and Planning, University of Dundee
  • Annette Hastings, Professor of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow
  • Tam Munro, Chair, West and Central Voluntary Sector Network

For more on the Alliance for Action programme, please click here.

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