Clockwise from top left: SURF Open Forum events in Kilwinning, Edinburgh, Inverness and Stirling

Clockwise from top left: SURF Open Forum events in Kilwinning, Edinburgh, Inverness and Stirling

From 2003 to 2010, SURF was supported by the Scottish Government to deliver regular Open Forum events.

The purpose of these events was to bring cross-sector stakeholders together to share experience, knowledge and ideas on topical regeneration issue, such as:

  • The Control and Use of Evaluation in Regeneration
  • The Health Impacts of Regeneration Investments
  • Master-Planning and Place-Making
  • The Mixed Communities Approach
  • The Role of Enterprise in Community Regeneration
  • Urban Regeneration Companies – Reflections & Lessons

Open Forum events were delivered every two months in venues across Scotland, with an average attendance of around 50 participants, and featured presentations from guest experts, comments and questions, breakout discussion groups, and networking opportunities.

After each Open Forum, SURF produced an outcomes report summarising the main areas of debate. These outcomes reports, which were shared with key regeneration policy advisers in the Scottish Government and its agencies, are available on this website. Please click on the link below to access a list of Open Forum events where outcomes papers (in many cases both full versions and edited summaries), speaker presentation slides and other materials can be downloaded:

A special Open Forum publication, Accumulated Outcomes: Messages from Scottish Community Regeneration, is also available. This summarises key learning outcomes from all Open Forums delivered in the 2005-08 period.

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