Programme Overview: Bridging Culture & Regeneration

Bridging Culture and RegenerationThe impacts of the banking crisis and the current recession continue to limit and damage conventional regeneration resources and strategies. Regressive austerity policies are adding to the challenges faced by already disadvantaged people and communities.

While SURF works with others to identify and challenge the drivers of poverty and inequality, we are also keen to make the most of the potential for using creative, cultural approaches to bridge divides in understanding, opportunity and cooperation.

In 2014, initial discussions with various relevant partners across the SURF network indicated the potential of building on evident shared interests in ‘Bridging Culture and Regeneration’. The purpose of these discussions, and a special seminar in Dundee, was to explore:

  • What shared interests and mutually supportive policy agendas could be more closely and productively connected;
  • Interest in, and options for, developing cross-border learning and networking on this theme with other UK nations and elsewhere in Europe;
  • Relevant policy considerations/recommendations for potential inclusion in a Manifesto for Regeneration that SURF will be developing for dissemination to political parties in advance of the May 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

Dundee seminar – Nov 2014

The seminar was held in Dundee Contemporary Arts

The seminar was held in Dundee Contemporary Arts

Supported by the Scottish Government’s Learning Networks Challenge Fund, SURF invited a range of key contacts in regeneration and arts/culture fields from across Scotland to a seminar in Dundee Contemporary Arts.

The objective was to help us test whether there is a sufficiently practical and useful role for SURF in supporting collaboration and policy development, and what it might involve.

Click on the links below to download the following materials:

Outcomes Report – SURF Seminar, Bridging Culture & Regeneration

Stewart Murdoch Presentation – Policy and Practice

Magazine Series – Early 2015

‘Bridging Culture and Regeneration’ was the theme of the Spring 2015 edition SURF’s online magazine. It featured the contributions from a wide range of cultural regeneration experts. Click on the article titles below for access:

Pam Beasant: Orkney’s Creative Landscape

Gillian Easson: Ingredients for a Creative City

Lia Ghilardi: Reimagining England’s High Streets: Cultural DNA and ‘Meanwhile Uses’

Clive Gillman: Intense Emotions, Challenging Art: A Day in the Life of a Cultural Venue

SURF magazine features include Italian academic Nicola Russolo's analysis of cultural regeneration on Glasgow's Clyde Waterfront

SURF magazine features include Italian academic Nicola Russolo’s analysis of cultural regeneration on Glasgow’s Clyde Waterfront

Robert Livingston: We Know Island Culture, What About Town Culture?

Prof. Greg Lloyd: Time for a New Prism? Regeneration vs Degeneration

Andy Milne: Regeneration Creation Myths

Jemma Neville: Bringing Home the Right to a Cultural Life

Andrew Ormston: A Brief History of Culture and Regeneration

Jon Pope: Small Steps Towards Cultural Participation

Nicola Russolo: Analysing Culture-Led Regeneration: Clyde Waterfront, Glasgow

Magdalena Schamberger: Clowning Around: Red Noses and Regeneration 

Simon Sharkey: Theatre Without Walls

Prof. Mark Tewdwr-Jones: Bridging Culture and Regeneration in Newcastle & Gateshead

Kate Wimpress: Creative Regeneration: The North Edinburgh Story

2015-17 Activities

SURF is using the outcomes of the above seminar and discussions to inform its thinking towards a 2015-17 Bridging Culture and Regeneration activities programme with three broad goals:

  • Enhanced awareness of policy and practice synergies between the two sectors, and how these might be further developed to add greater value in future plans, investments and activities;
  • Increased networking across sectors and between the rapidly evolving Scottish, north east English, Welsh and Northern Irish policy and practice contexts;
  • Shared experience and transferable learning to the benefit of improved policy and practice in regeneration, and resultant enhancement of community participation and sustainability.

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