Scotland’s Climate Week for 2020 is the 14–20 September. While the circumstances are very different to previous years, it provides an important opportunity for organisations and communities to celebrate and showcase what they’re doing to tackle climate change. Despite the restrictions, there’s still lots that can be done to take action
and make a difference. Get involved and help Scotland reach its climate change targets.

The coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis which has impacted so many aspects of all of our lives – for some it has been devastating and we think especially of them. Its impacts are not over and it may be a long road to recovery.  Amid the difficulties, it has also shown that, as a society, we can make big changes to the way we live our lives. For some, we’ve changed how we travel and are walking and cycling more than ever.

For others we’re now working from home instead of the office, no longer needing to commute. These factors will contribute to tackling the global climate emergency, which remains one of the greatest threats facing the world’s population.

Around the world, extreme weather events and erratic temperatures are becoming more and more frequent. In Scotland, we’re already seeing the impacts. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced summer heatwaves, flooding
and extremely high winter temperatures. The climate emergency is already on our doorstep.

Get Involved

Organisations can get involved in Scotland’s Climate Week by:

  • Communicating to employees and stakeholders about all of the amazing work you’re already doing to tackle climate change.
  • Encouraging positive behaviours at home, in the local community and within the workplace by making use of the materials in this toolkit.
  • Directing employees to for tips on how they can help tackle the climate emergency.
  • Running an online event with employees and stakeholders to discuss how they can take action on climate change and your organisation’s role in supporting this.


This digital toolkit will help you to promote Scotland’s Climate Week and the action your organisation is taking to tackle climate change.

The toolkit aims to support you to encourage positive climate behaviours amongst employees and stakeholders to help reduce our carbon footprint. Everyone, from communities, to businesses, local authorities and the government,
has a part to play in tackling climate change. Together, we can make a difference.

The toolkit includes links to valuable assets alongside instructions for use. For example, we have posters and images for social media or your workplace intranet, with suggested positive climate behaviours to be promoted.

This toolkit contains a number of positive climate behaviours with suggested activities for each. We hope this toolkit will enable you to engage and encourage employees on how they can get involved in Scotland’s Climate Week and help tackle climate change.

Read more about this toolkit and how to get involved in this handy guide: Climate Week Toolkit

Or visit’s-climate-week-tackling-the-climate-emergency-together 

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