SURF is the independent regeneration network for Scotland.

Aims and objectives

SURF’s overall objective is to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in Scotland’s disadvantaged communities.

To meet this goal, SURF’s key aims are:

  • To provide a neutral space for all sectors and players in Scottish community regeneration to share their knowledge and experience
  • To stimulate challenging debate about community regeneration policy and practice
  • To maintain a high status for community regeneration on Scotland’s political agenda
  • To provide relevant and constructive feedback to key policy-makers

SURF network

The SURF network aims to be the primary arena for debate on community regeneration in Scotland. It acts as a channel for information, consultation and policy proposals, based on the knowledge and experience of its extensive membership and wider connections.

SURF network activity includes seminars, conferences, international policy exchanges, annual awards for best practice and the distribution of the regeneration policy journal, Scotregen.

This all provides a truly independent network to explore current practice, experience and knowledge, with which to positively influence the development of successful regeneration policy and practice.


SURF was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It is directed by a board of voluntary directors drawn from across its wide cross-sector membership of over 280 organisations.

SURF members range in size from small community groups to some of Scotland’s largest private companies. Membership organisations also include local authorities, housing associations, health boards, academic institutions, professional bodies, voluntary organisations and charities.

Since its inception, SURF has operated from two basic principles:

  • Successful and sustainable regeneration is only achievable when all aspects of physical, social, economic and cultural regeneration are addressed in a holistic approach.
  • The people who are the intended beneficiaries of any regeneration effort must be meaningfully involved in the process if it is to be successful in planning, implementation and maintenance.

Further Information

Information on SURF’s activites and how to get more involved is readily available on this site.

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SURF in 2016

Throughout 2016 SURF will be delivering a wide range of activities in four interlinked workstreams:

  • Supporting Practice through the further development of our investigative Alliance for Action regeneration research programme;
  • Promoting Success in the 2016 SURF Awards for Best Practice in Community Regeneration;
  • Informing and Linking with our Annual Conference, online magazine and event outcome reports;
  • Developing Policy via our 2016 manifesto process and additional partnership activities with the Scottish Government, Resilient Scotland, What Works Scotland and others.

Please click here to download a diagram summary with further information.

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